How to Take Great Dirty Pictures

How to Take Great Dirty Pictures

Blue Siren, is a leader in Sewer Flow Vision Technology and has released their new 5 megapixel dirty picture sewer flow monitoring system.

No manhole entry is required, simply hang the camera from the manhole top, or mount to the wall and start collecting data and taking dirty sewer pictures right away.

This blog covers an informal review of questions asked since the innovation of the technology, namely...


So, what’s the big deal, what can I use dirty pictures for anyway?

You can... View sewer overflows in real time, capture water leaking into your sewer, see if your sensors need maintenance, detect sewer grease, identify capacity loss and hundreds of other applications!


Sewer ai

You can also perform image recognition to automatically detect and alarm on sewer overflows, surcharge, capacity loss, grease detection, screen clogging, I&I detection, along with many other applications.

Sewer ai


How high of a resolution can I get my dirty image to be for image recognition?

The dirty picture camera supports up to a 5 megapixel image size using 10 different image resolutions, and 15 different image compression options. Most people monitor using a 1024 x 768 image resolution, and a 10 image compression factor, the choice is yours!

Sewer Camera


It’s a dark and dirty old sewer, how do you expect to get a good quality picture from down there?

We have designed a super bright LED light ring with focused and non-focused transmitters. The light ring is installed in front of the camera or can be removed and installed anywhere in the sewer. This allows you to take great, amazing dirty sewer pictures in full color; the pictures are so clear you can even look to see if your sensor is fouled!

Dirty Picture Camera

Do you need a separate camera and data logger?

No... We have designed a One Platform solution so pictures and sensors are collected using the same electronics platform and same wireless network.

Sensors and images are programmed together, so when the monitor wakes up to take a flow reading it will also take an image and store both within the same database.

ECOSiren® and PROSiren® monitors both support the One Platform vision monitoring system!


PROSiren Sewer Flow Monitor


Can I take more pictures, during an overflow or alarm condition?

Yes up to as fast as 1 image a minute! Monitors are easily programmed to take dirty pictures at a specified sample rate, say once every 30 minutes, or at a higher rate when an alarm is triggered. Advanced Alarm features allow you to program the monitor sample rate, image rate and wireless upload rate as fast as once a minute!

Sewer Alarm Rate

I do not have the time to look a thousand dirty pictures, do you have data management solutions?

Yes, the One Platform solution automatically stores data and images in the same database structure, and when a graph is made the images automatically sync with the sensor data. We currently support a static and dynamic analytical tool set.


Sewer Flow Camera




Click, Zoom, Select data and correlated image.

Sewer Surcharge Graph


Click, Zoom, Select data and correlated image.

Sewer Surcharge Graph

Sounds way too good to be true, how expensive is it?

Every Blue Siren monitor comes equipped with a camera port, so a camera upgrade could be as low as $400.00.

Monitor with Vision® today!

Blue Siren


For more information feel free to call or email Kiara Stiles at Blue Siren (321) 474-2633, or email

Stay tuned for our next blog discussing the in’s and out’s of our DIE-I&I System (Inflow and Infiltration Detection - Identification - Elimination) System